1501 I-70 Complex Ct. Columbia MO 65201

(573) 825-3158

Full size competition floor, 36ft X 42ft dead mat, 30ft tumble track leading into 
resi pit,  20 ft ceilings, in house award winning choreography!


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Tumbling Classes

Beginner Basics: This is our beginner class that builds a foundation

for proper alignment, power, strength, and timing needed to be a successful tumbler.  

Learning proper body positions and creating memory of movement will be the

cornerstone to more advanced skills.  The athlete must demonstrate stability and

ability to keep arms straight through pressure during skills to provide protection

of the head and neck.
Skills Taught in this class: 
Forward Roll, Cartwheel, Back Bend, Round off Rebound, Back Walkover, Front Walkover!

Back Handspring 101: This class focuses on standing back-handspring.
​A strong understanding of all Beginner Basic skills will be needed for this class.
Skills focused on in this class: 
Standing Back Handspring
Back Walkover Back Handspring
Round Off Back Handspring
Round Off to Back Handspring Connected
Front Walkover Round off Back Handspring
Standing to Back Handspring Connected

Advanced & Master Back Handspring: After mastering extension, power and body

awareness in Beginner Basics & Back Handspring 101 the tumbler begins to rotate

in the air with no hand support. These classes will help strengthen the athletes

back handspring abilities. 

Beginner & Advanced Tucks: These classes are for athletes who have a proper

Roundoff Back Handspring  and are ready to add in a Tuck and allows for the

student to be challenged with body position variations that require more core

strength and air sense. However, the concentration on upper level skills and

new variations may lead to muscle memory “lapse”, so continued practice and

attention must be paid to basic lines and power.
Skills Taught in these classes: 
Jump to Back Handspring Tuck
Standing Tuck
Punch Front Round Off Band Handspring Tuck

Triple Toe Tuck

Beginner & Advanced Layouts: In this class, athletes will work on their Layouts (full) and Standing Back Handsprings to Full. They will be training for a double full and combination/series running passes.  Students will also learn a standing full and other high level standing passes.
Skills Taught in these classes: 

Round off Back Handspring Layout
Standing three Back Handsprings to Layout
Punch Front Round Off Back Handspring Layout

Beginner & Advanced Twists: In this class, athletes will work on Twists. 

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